3 Secrets of creating an individual Brand From a Marketing Master

There are a great number of people out there that claim to be branding experts, but hardly any which have done it as effectively as Neil Patel. From his personal brand alone he’s had the opportunity to build multiple million-dollar businesses (and speaks about his experiences and steps in lengths on some of his five blogs).

When Building an Online Brand, FOCUS ON the building blocks

A couple weeks ago I cold emailed him. I used part of my past — "my story" — as the lead in to the email, kept it super short and concise, and asked for a few personal branding advice. He responded quickly, and we scheduled a 10-minute call. Among the items we discussed were his three secrets to effectively creating a personal brand.

He not merely stressed this on our telephone call, but emphasized it again when I emailed him to ask permission to create this article. He believes that you need to help others regardless of what — even if there is nothing in it for you personally. He discusses this long on his blog at QuickSprout.com.

He recently told a tale about how exactly he helped a guy at a conference that had poor body odor, but nobody else would give him any attention. He helped the person from the kindness of his heart, and that he didn’t feel it had been right that a person who paid to attend the function wouldn’t be obtaining the value they sought. Helping the person obviously made Patel feel great, knowing he was helping without the selfish motive. It just so happened that the person told others about Patel’s generosity, and from the man’s story, Patel could land an extremely sizable deal for his business — by just helping someone in need.

Your story ought to be unique and really should be what sets you apart. Use your story to create your buzz. Allow it be the spark that ignites the fire that becomes your individual brand.

A Month-by-Month Technique to Reinvent YOUR INDIVIDUAL Brand

This can be a exact email I sent Patel below. You can observe how I reach the point immediately, keep it short and used my story to create the original interest (aka "buzz).

"I want some advice on creating a personal brand, and love + respect what you’ve finished with yours. I am building companies since I was 22. I’ve had success and failure like any entrepreneur.

When I was 22, I acquired right into a fight in a NEVADA nightclub. Six years later at 28 I visited prison for 24 months. I am back for 1 . 5 years rebuilding my empire.

I’m associated with 2 charities that teach inmates entrepreneurship in institutions, in order that I could use my experience in a positive way. I wrote a book called Hacking the Valley when I was away, and also have a whole lot of cool projects in the works these days.

Would you be ready to give me some advice? Maybe just like a 10 minute call or something?

Thanks beforehand Neil."

Patel has five multi-million-dollar software businesses. He has a large number of dedicated followers. EASILY execute a quick search in my own mailbox using his email I see a listing of posts he sends from his bi-weekly newsletter. Each and every post he writes is informative, practical and beneficial to everything I really do in the startup world. He also creates products people need, such as for example KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg. Most significant, he provides value to everyone. Subsequently, he’s in a position to help more folks, and his value-creation machine continues to exponentially grow.

Through Patel’s personal experience, transparency and desire to greatly help others, we are able to all learn to effectively build personal brands. As we learn, we ought to make it a spot to help others on the way. Through this process, our very own credibility is reaffirmed, our value creation machine will grow, & most important we’ll be helping other people who are in need.

Remember, building your individual brand may take time. Don’t expect some crazy quick-sprout overnight improvement. However, buying your personal brand might just be the very best investment you may make.

I’d want to hear some effective or creative personal branding stories from you. Leave comments listed below and let’s study from each other.

5 Methods to Distinguish Yourself With an individual Brand

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