3 Secrets to Adding Direct Mail to YOUR WEB Sales Funnel

Direct mail could possibly be the easiest way to get potential customers to your site and into your sales funnel.

If you would like to get prospects to a website, all of your direct mail piece must do is whet their appetite. You can create a whole online sales funnel for your potential customers, however the initial step is to encourage them to your site.

Through the years I’ve caused many web marketers who were very successful at finding prospects through direct mail. My experience with them has taught me a whole lot, and today you will reap the benefits of it. I’m likely to give out three of my best secrets for using direct mail to supplement an online sales funnel.

Of the many mailings I really do, one lesson which has come home if you ask me over and over is that you must get the space of the sales copy right. With regards to getting people to go to a website, I’ve had the most success mailing postcards, tear-sheets, small self-mailers, check letters, and short 2-page letter packages. Each one of these pieces is limited in proportions, and looks like it might be quick and easy to learn, but it can be filled with a lot of copy. The idea here’s that you whet the appetite of your readers, who’ll then rush to see what else is looking forward to them online.

An excessive amount of could be overkill. You don’t need a 12-page sales letter to operate a vehicle prospects online for a free of charge report. And you don’t want to employ a magalog, long form envelope package, or digest piece to attempt to drive prospects online. The price to mail out a long-form sales piece usually outweighs the return when the target is to drive prospects online.

You must make sure the distance of your copy matches your proactive approach. If the decision to action requires spending lots of money from the sales piece itself, you’d better make certain the piece gives a lot of justification and incentive.

But, if your goal is to operate a vehicle prospects online where you can do a lot of the selling, an extended sales letter isn’t only unnecessary, but it could possibly be counterproductive.

People don’t always read your sales pieces with the care you desire them to. Oftentimes, they scan it and return back and forth looking at the copy – plus they may skip the critical detail of the URL you want them to visit.

So, when you are mailing a little postcard so that you can drive prospects online, don’t just give one reference to the URL. Be sure to mention it several times. When you are sending prospects a postcard, you should put the decision to action and URL at least one time on each side.

For instance, some time ago I sent a postcard promoting among my teleseminars. The postcard was only 4 x 6, and it had been filled with copy. But I still were able to put the URL on that little card 3 x.

When you are mailing a more substantial card, maybe 8.5 x 5.5 or 11 x 6, you ought to have the decision to action onto it at least 2 times on each side.

You could be thinking… that is something easy to accomplish… in fact it is, BUT I can’t count the quantity of postcards that I receive that only have the decision to action printed on them onetime.

Don’t assume that the chance will look for and discover the decision to action. Your task is to create it easy on prospects to obtain the information you want them to see. So, make it clear by putting it in the piece several times.

Trust me, I’ve tested this again and again, and I understand what works – you need to put the URL on your own sales piece multiple occasions when your goal is to operate a vehicle prospects online.

I often see marketers trying to provide too many information regarding the merchandise or service in the postcard or self-mailer that’s used to operate a vehicle prospects online. That is a blunder.

Don’t try to execute a full selling job on the merchandise or service IN the postcard, self mailer, check letter, etc. Instead, sell the chance on the thought of your service or product. Intrigue them; make sure they are wonder if that is a thing that could really improve their life or solve a problem. In the event that you get them worked up about the possibilities, they’ll eagerly visit the website for the entire story.

Take into account that your primary goal is to get prospects to your web sales funnel in order that it can take them to another step along the way. If you reveal an excessive amount of too early, you might over qualify prospects; they’ll make a decision whether that is for them prematurily . in the game and could decide it’s not worthwhile to them to check out up. Remember the energy of inertia. It will keep us from taking action. In the event that you tell prospects an excessive amount of about the merchandise or service too early you may provide them with ammunition to follow regulations of inertia.

To conclude, make the idea of the postcard to find the prospects to go surfing. Don’t sell your service or product. Let that be Phase 2 of your sal

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