This Broadway Actress Left a Safe Wall Street Gig to Pursue Her Dream. Now, She’s Starring in ‘Wicked.’

Jessica Vosk shared her origin story, networking advice when planning on taking a leap towards your passion in a recently available bout of Entrepreneur’s ‘How Success Happens’ podcast.

Jessica Vosk doesn’t have an average relationship with stress.

It usually is tough, however the Broadway actress — currently starring as Elphaba in Wicked — said she uses it as a motivator.

“When I give master classes or speak to kids relating to this business, I usually say the main thing I can inform them is this: You’re the CEO of your company,” said Vosk. “I’m Jessica Vosk, and I play Elphaba in Wicked . I’m an actor. That is my company. I’m in charge of the press and how I put myself out there on the globe.”


This Bus Operator Promises Punctual And World-Class Services

Yolobus-an inter-city bus travel startup-was founded by Shailesh Gupta along with Danish Chopra and Mukul Shah in September 2019

Indian buses everyday carry a lot more than 70 million people in 170,000 buses. These figures reaffirm that Indians still depend on bus transport regardless of the presence of train and flight services. Although it holds true that bus transport is pocket friendly-thus supporting the cheapest in the income chain-late arrival, uncomfortable seats, absent or unhygienic toilets are among several shortcomings which have averted the interests of middle and upper middle-class people.


This Business Has Been Fiercely Independent Since 1776

When you step right inside the Griswold Inn, in Essex, Conn., it feels as though you’re stepping back in its history. In the past to the American Revolution, actually.

Exterior of The Griswold Inn

Just beyond the reception desk, your eyes adapt to a candlight room. Called the “Tap Room,” it’s unlike most rooms you’ve probably experienced. First, you’ll spot the arched, plaster ceiling, created from crushed oyster shells and horsehair. It includes a patina that could only have already been created by a long time of cigar smoke and tall tales. Portraits of ancient sea-going vessels line the walls. The large, potbellied stove in the guts provides room a warm, especially inviting atmosphere. Why, yes, I’ll have a glass or two at the bar.


3 Secrets Behind the ’80/20 Rule’ of Giving — and GETTING ULTIMATELY MORE In Return

Want to create additional money? Give more away.

I’ll go even more: Just as 20 percent of customers produce 80 percent of sales, a charitable donation correlates to four times more in additional income. The statistics back it up. It’s the 80/20 rule of giving.

Research by Arthur C. Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, bears this out. Drawing from Harvard data on 30,000 American families, Brooks discovered a family group giving $100 more to charity earns about $375 more money when compared to a non-giving family that’s similar atlanta divorce attorneys other factor. For each dollar they provide, they earn nearly $4 more.


3 Secrets That Just May Send Your Web Revenues Surging

Ad optimization and a move from affiliate offers to building your own offers are simply two of the methods for getting your revenues moving.

Whether you’re in the first stages of growing web revenues for your publishing business or experienced success growing them to significant heights, you might have experienced or will eventually experience growing pains. At some time, that previous spurt of web revenue will reach a plateau, and you’ll think it is challenging to develop another breakthrough, to unlock greater revenues.


3 Secrets to a niche site that Sells

Put these tips set up to carefully turn browsers into buyers.

So, you have your website up. Now what? You should drive traffic, grow your opt-in list, make sales and focus on your SEO. The list seems endless.

Step back for one minute and realize it isn’t possible to accomplish everything at once. Once you have built your website, first thing you must do is make your sales process watertight.

There is no point spending a huge amount of cash on pay-per-click ads to operate a vehicle targeted traffic to your website if none of these visitors buys anything.


3 Secrets of creating an individual Brand From a Marketing Master

There are a great number of people out there that claim to be branding experts, but hardly any which have done it as effectively as Neil Patel. From his personal brand alone he’s had the opportunity to build multiple million-dollar businesses (and speaks about his experiences and steps in lengths on some of his five blogs).

When Building an Online Brand, FOCUS ON the building blocks

A couple weeks ago I cold emailed him. I used part of my past — "my story" — as the lead in to the email, kept it super short and concise, and asked for a few personal branding advice. He responded quickly, and we scheduled a 10-minute call. Among the items we discussed were his three secrets to effectively creating a personal brand.


3 Secrets to Adding Direct Mail to YOUR WEB Sales Funnel

Direct mail could possibly be the easiest way to get potential customers to your site and into your sales funnel.

If you would like to get prospects to a website, all of your direct mail piece must do is whet their appetite. You can create a whole online sales funnel for your potential customers, however the initial step is to encourage them to your site.

Through the years I’ve caused many web marketers who were very successful at finding prospects through direct mail. My experience with them has taught me a whole lot, and today you will reap the benefits of it. I’m likely to give out three of my best secrets for using direct mail to supplement an online sales funnel.