This Bestselling Author Says These 4 Simple Mistakes Are Holding You Back From Planning YOUR OWN FUTURE

How Success Happens is a podcast featuring polar explorers, authors, ultra marathoners, artists and more to raised know very well what connects dreaming and doing. Linda Lacina,’s managing editor, guides these chats so anyone can understand the traits that underpin achievement and what fuels the decisions to push us forward. Listen below or just click here to learn more shownotes.

Can’t quite finish that book you’ve been writing? Or lose that last 10 pounds? Maybe you’ve tried — and failed– so often, you don’t believe you’ll ever make it.


This Bitcoin Wallet Service Just Added 3 Major Players to its Roster

A startup that claims to have built the Bitcoin world’s version of the proverbial better mousetrap has added three high-profile Bitcoin entrepreneurs to its team, seeking their help with business strategy, programming and other areas of the business.

Toronto-based KryptoKit announced Sunday that Erik Voorhees, Roger Ver and Vitalik Buterin are joining the business in ownership roles, though it declined to specify their equity shares. All three are prominent in digital currency circles. Buterin, for instance, co-founded Bitcoin Magazine, and can be involved with various Bitcoin software projects.


This ‘Breakup Letter’ Describing What It’s Prefer to Advertise on Facebook Is Brutal and Hilarious

Eat24, the meals delivery company, will delete its Facebook page at 11.59 p.m., according to the hilarious "breakup letter" it has written to Facebook.

Your blog post, while tongue in cheek (and filled with funny gifs), actually delivers a brutal analysis of how difficult it is becoming for a few advertisers on Facebook. "You lied to us," it says at one point. "It certainly seems like you’ve lost the right path and have become only an ad platform."


This Beverage Entrepreneur’s Mentor Pushed Her to Pivot, and today Her Business Is preparing to Bloom

Candice Crane watched a video of Steaz tea founder Eric Schnell giving a talk and knew he may help her grow her business. She reached out, and today he’s among her partners.

In the Women Entrepreneur series Mentor Moments, female founders sit back to speak to their own mentors (and us!) about how exactly and why the partnership developed, and the lasting impact it’s had on the careers.

Candice Crane knew she needed a mentor. But she didn’t be prepared to find one on the web.


This Boutique Fitness Co-Founder Uses These Four Simple Words to Find Inner Calm Amid the Storm

Sarah Levey, co-founder of hot-yoga-meets-hip-hop fitness business Y7, reveals the surprising mantra that helps her through rough times.

Editor’s Note: Inspire Me is a string where entrepreneurs and leaders share what motivates them through memories and bad, while also sharing stories of how they overcame challenges hoping of inspiring others.

Most of us have stressful days when things just don’t go right. No-one is immune, even people whose job is to greatly help other folks find their center, like Sarah Levey, the co-founder of celebrity favorite yoga studio Y7.


This Booming Tea Seller Has 3 Business-Building Lessons to talk about

Follow these three steps to create a consumer business in crowded categories around the united states.

James Fayal has always liked caffeine. But he didn’t love coffee or the chance of chugging sugary sodas all day long. So he and his roommate, Rickey Ishida (who been a biomedical engineer), began tinkering with high-caffeine tea blends to get charged up for the workday back 2013. They crowdfunded $10,000 and in 2014 Zest Tea was created.

Now, almost 3 years later, Zest Tea has hit retail shelves and is going to break the million-dollar sales mark. It won Best New Product at the 2015 World Tea Expo and enjoys a loyal customer base, as evidenced by its a huge selection of 5-Star reviews on Amazon. How James got here carries lessons for entrepreneurs building consumer businesses in crowded categories around the united states.


This Brooklyn Entrepreneur Was Shaken to Her Core by Nepal’s Devastating Earthquake and Did Something Incredible

What sort of jewelry designer poured her passion into reviving devastated communities with new entrepreneurial projects.

On April 25, 2015, a devastating, 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the central region of Nepal along the foothills of the Himalayas. Nearly 9,000 individuals were killed and approximately 22,000 injured. Over 700,000 homes were damaged. Three-and-a-half million were left homeless.

This Billionaire Company was Manufactured in Nepal


This Boutique Father-Son Investment Firm Thrives By Ignoring Conventional Wisdom

Martin "Marty” Sass and Ari Sass certainly are a father-son team of an investment management firm in Manhattan. Marty started M.D. Sass in his basement apartment over 40 years back, and today Marty and affiliates employ a lot more than 80 people and manage $7.5 billion for Fortune 500 companies and wealthy individuals. Marty takes an unconventional method of investing, pursuing targeted opportunities versus broad diversification of assets. Here are several insights that Marty and Ari shared about their success:


This Brand Has Something NOT Jeff Bezos Can Sell

The makers of Batiste Rhum discuss their innovative process and business philosophy.

In this ongoing series, we are sharing advice, tips and insights from real entrepreneurs who are out there conducting business battle every day. (Answers have already been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Who are you, and what’s your business?

We are Tristan Mermin and Jon Lawson, the operating executives of Batiste Rhum. Batiste is authentically another generation of rum production. Individuals who discover Batiste Rhum are initially surprised by the clean, light and bright flavors, and by the transparent and verifiable eco-positive process that people follow.


This Brilliant Braille Smartwatch Lets the Visually Impaired Feel What Time IT REALLY IS

From 3-D printed ultrasounds that help blind mothers “see” their babies to Legos that translate digital text into braille, to “smart” canes that guide people who have ultrasound waves, technology for the visually impaired has evolved by leaps and bounds within the last year alone. Now the smartwatch is finally catching up and it’s time.

Meet Dot, a fresh smartwatch for that blind that delivers texts in beautiful rippling bursts of braille. The innovative wearable also tells enough time, imparts turn-by-turn directions and delivers entire ebooks, simply by touch alone. Pretty cool, right?