Know Thy Customer: 3 Tips for Success From a $285M Company

For entrepreneurs, few issues are as important — or as challenging — as connecting with the proper customers. Reaching target consumers is paramount to gaining traction for just about any business, but startup companies face a distinctive hurdle: They need to go head-to-head with large, established organizations for customer attention.

Just over ten years ago, internet marketing company Constant Contact was one particular startup, servicing just 5,000 customers while vying for new ones in a crowded tech-startup market.


Know When to Double Down running a business

Blackjack tables host a range of gamblers, which range from the novice to the know-it-all. In the overall game of blackjack, luck plays a job, but there are techniques wise players can increase their likelihood of success.

The same holds true in the wonderful world of business. Knowing the next basic strategies will help you avoid a bust:

three ways Companies Can Encourage Smart Risk Taking

New players would prosper to review a blackjack strategy chart, an overview of the very most mathematically correct moves to create in virtually any situation. When playing, I usually make an effort to not deviate from what the chart suggests.


Know When to Trust Your Gut so when to get Outside Advice

It’s also advisable to know when to balance both.

When deciding whether to purchase hopeful entrepreneurs who enter ABC’s Shark Tank , Barbara Corcoran relies heavily on her behalf gut reaction. Although investor does her homework to learn in regards to a company’s finances, sales history and background, her ultimate decision is often predicated on whether she likes the individual doing the pitch.

Brain Science Says to Trust Your Gut in These Key Moments


Know Your Limits, THE HUMAN BRAIN CAN ONLY JUST Take So Much

Don’t venture out and buy a fresh day planner or learn a five-step decision-making process — they don’t work. If indeed they did, we’d all be notably happier and more effective. The simple truth is that to boost our thinking abilities, we must understand the main of our problem — our brains.

Angelika Dimoka, director of the guts for Neural Decision Making at Temple University, conducted a report that measured people’s brain activity while they addressed increasingly complex problems (i.e., noise). Using functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure changes in blood circulation, she discovered that as people received more info, their brain activity increased in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, an area behind the forehead that’s in charge of making decisions and controlling emotions. However when the info load became an excessive amount of, it was as if a breaker in the mind was triggered, and the prefrontal cortex suddenly turn off.


This Brand Has Something NOT Jeff Bezos Can Sell

The makers of Batiste Rhum discuss their innovative process and business philosophy.

In this ongoing series, we are sharing advice, tips and insights from real entrepreneurs who are out there conducting business battle every day. (Answers have already been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Who are you, and what’s your business?

We are Tristan Mermin and Jon Lawson, the operating executives of Batiste Rhum. Batiste is authentically another generation of rum production. Individuals who discover Batiste Rhum are initially surprised by the clean, light and bright flavors, and by the transparent and verifiable eco-positive process that people follow.


3 Secrets to a niche site that Sells

Put these tips set up to carefully turn browsers into buyers.

So, you have your website up. Now what? You should drive traffic, grow your opt-in list, make sales and focus on your SEO. The list seems endless.

Step back for one minute and realize it isn’t possible to accomplish everything at once. Once you have built your website, first thing you must do is make your sales process watertight.

There is no point spending a huge amount of cash on pay-per-click ads to operate a vehicle targeted traffic to your website if none of these visitors buys anything.