Get Engaged: Live Broadcasting App Swoo Aims TO PRODUCE A Dent In UAE’s Social Scene

Developed and backed by Algorythma, the technology arm of Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG), Swoo can be an iOS and Android live video broadcasting app launched in the summertime of 2017 as a platform for curated emerging and established artists and talent to activate and communicate to a wider audience. The app claims to “bridge the gap between passionate broadcasters and their followers by engaging them live,” and along the way, has generated social communities within the platform.

Ahmed Alhosani, Head of Operations at Swoo, emphasizes upon this facet of the app, “At Swoo, celebrities, influencers [and] performing artists can all connect to their audience instantly, reaching a distinctive live engagement- which sets us apart from other apps.” Ahead of his current role at Swoo, Alhosani began at ADFG as an investment analyst in 2016, and imbued by his passion for tech, delved into Algorythma. Alhosani says that Swoo had become after they investigated trends in the market in 2017: “All over the world, and particularly in the MENA and Indian subcontinent regions, talent craves a stage. Both media and tech spaces are heading towards live, and social media behavior shifted from pictures and recorded videos to live streaming and interaction.”

With a team of twelve engineers, Swoo premiered as the very least viable product. However the need for Swoo to possess a content and online marketing strategy rose, which strengthened Alhosani’s role in the enterprise’s operations and strategy, wherein he currently handles defining and building features with a user-centric approach, approaching users for feedback, conducting general market trends, and aligning its communication strategy and business collaborations with the purpose of “using different strengths to create it better to reach goals, and excel inside our collective performance.”

Ahmed Alhosani, Head of Operations at Swoo

Today, the Swoo app has already established a lot more than four million installations, with one million users getting together with it, and 200 videos created each day, with content in a variety of categories including entertainment, business, tech, education and travel. The app’s broadcasters cover live events, conduct interviews, and create shows and mini-series, plus they’ve also partnered with media and content agencies, universities, talent hunts, and other content creators.

With there being several players currently in the region’s tech and media space, Alhosani notes Swoo’s local appeal to be a defining characteristic. “Being truly a homegrown app, we understand and capture the neighborhood and regional content providers’ expectations.” Swoo’s team aims to fulfill the market’s needs by giving features including identifying and promoting high-quality informative content, and helping viewers to easily access and explore personalized content predicated on people’s preferences.

In addition they try to reward talent and help create more opportunities for talents through monetization, furthermore to building work at home opportunities through targeted niches by demographics and interests. Swoo users are also given interactive features to activate in real-time, such as for example claps, live chats, and co-hosting for four broadcasters to go live simultaneously, with audiences addressing engage with every one of them live. The app also acts as a marketplace for content creators and consumers.

Swoo live broadcast at a meeting

“Through gamification and providing modes of monetization, content creators can monetize their content leveraging Swoo over other apps,” Alhosani explains. “The necessity for folks to showcase their talent to the world is rising. TV did so far, an excellent job through talent shows. We see a chance here in adopting this idea and transforming it to a live mobile app, easing live interaction between talents and audiences through live game shows and several other sectors, where social media may bring people together and assure simple communication.”

As the UAE’s tech ecosystem continues to thrive, Alhosani values the country’s market which works to Swoo’s benefit: “The UAE is a hub for talents who crave a stage in the UAE, and beyond in the centre East and GCC area. Additionally, the GCC has one of the primary data consumption rates. Investors in the UAE have a big appetite for rising technology companies, especially the tech companies.” But what else is required to perhaps give UAE and the spot the push it requires? Alhosani notes: “Because of our location and enough time of which these technology companies are rising, I could positively say that people have our very own DNA in this sector. The UAE is geographically located to become a bridge linking talents in within South Asia, Indian subcontinent, the center East and the GCC areas. Those talents are craving for a stage, in parallel with the most obvious great appetite for rising disruptive technology companies, specifically technology media ones. I believe that people are rightly positioned to include value with regard to content and technology to the rich tech landscape in the UAE.”

For what’s in the works? The team plans to launch new features including maps exploration, drone and external camera compability, gamification and monetization features. They try to “end up being the leading global livestreaming platform through making roads into all areas of people’s lives, including entertainment, education, e-commerce, health insurance and business, through strategic partnerships with major government and private players locally and beyond.” Ensure that you browse the app for yourself- start “Swoo-ing” today!


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