Get Hip to the most notable Trends of 2007

Stay one step prior to the competition with the most notable trends our business pros say have stamina.

Like miniskirts and sideburns, some trends come and go, while some, like baseball and rock ‘n roll, are here to remain. But when it involves business, how does one anticipate which trends could have stamina? To take the guesswork out of your picture, we’ve rounded up some experts to provide you with insight into what trends they predict can make it big in 2007. From marketing going mobile to the makeover of the news release to creating viral content for your e-biz, we have you covered.

Obtaining a Closer Look A central theme our experts found on is how new technologies are revolutionizing the ways we conduct business. To begin with, the marketing world is seeing ads shrink and go mobile. Are you concerned about how new technologies are changing the landscape of advertising? Avoid being. Roy Williams will help you understand how new types of media are being useful to spread your message a lot more efficiently and how exactly to appeal to high-tech consumers. Also keep in mind about traditional types of marketing–marketing pro Kim Gordon reveals her predictions for the most notable 10 marketing trends to view for in the brand new year, including consumer trends, online trends and trends in traditional media.

Talking about new types of technology, among the latest tech trends to monitor is robots. From an automobile that may drive itself to a shopping cart software that follows shoppers through store aisles, this new ‘bot trend will without doubt make life easier.

How about technologies which can help you run your business? Our tech pro has four new technologies, including video conferencing and unified messaging, he says might help your business grow this season. If it’s an internet business you’re hoping to build in 2007, have a look at these trends for more information about staying prior to the curve by targeting your customers’ desires.

Even the world of PR is feeling the pressure to include new technologies. As PR expert Mark Nowlan highlights, the traditional news release is undergoing a high-tech makeover to adjust to media demands. Traditional ways of branding may also be revamped as technology continues to improve. Though business branding basics remain the same, our expert highlights that new mediums are being used to disseminate the messages.

Despite all of the hype surrounding ever-changing technologies, the trend to be more environmentally friendly can be being felt through the entire business community. Eco-friendly products, like this flushable diaper, may be the next-big-thing, as consumers seek out methods to maintain their lifestyle but make an effort to be more eco-conscious concurrently. Entrepreneurs are also taking notice of the world’s growing demand for clear water and are looking for various ways to create it available, from a spring-water ice cube line to a water-purifying device for the house and office.

Also in 2007, you shouldn’t be afraid to step beyond your box and get creative. As Sara Wilson highlights in the following paragraphs on hot franchising trends, innovative or even wacky franchise concepts are shaking up franchises nationwide. If you believe franchising could possibly be in your own future, don’t miss her picks for the very best seven franchise trends that are anticipated to remove in 2007.

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