How Reality Star Bethenny Frankel Achieved Brand Success

The former star of ‘The Real Housewives of NY City’ slowly developed a name that she now uses for most products.

There are celebrities that spend all their amount of time in front of a camera and others that spend it gallivanting about the world. Then there are the ones that leverage their brand to build incredible businesses and do it with little help from outside players.

Enter Bethenny Frankel, who turned a couple of years worth of reality TV into an enterprise worth vast sums of dollars.

I linked to Frankel (born Nov. 4, 1970) with the intent to understand how she grew her personal brand to the idea that she could leverage it to make a thriving business with endless opportunities for additional products. I must say, it had been a significant journey.

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Here’s how it transpired.

After attending culinary school, Frankel visited work in a restaurant that subsequently failed, so she got entrepreneurial and launched a cookie business. Seeing the chance to gain usage of a wider market, she continued The Apprentice: Martha Stewart to expose her home based business and begin creating a platform — the main element term here’s "platform."

Even though the show wasn’t so hot with ratings — at least in comparison to its later Donald Trump iteration — she finished in the most notable two. This created the chance to help expand leverage the publicity with regular appearances on The Today Show, only prompting further exposure and opportunity.

You can view that there were blocks that seem to have already been intentionally set in spot to access the exposure necessary to build the brand she wanted — a wholesome, however, not extreme, way to take pleasure from life’s indulgences.

When she had the chance to be on the first edition of THE TRUE Housewives of NEW YORK, she knew that it had the potential to be a complete disaster.

“Although there is a huge risk connected with that kind of reality TV, I had an instinct that it could allow me to concentrate on my business,” she says.

And it did. As the other participants were out buying diamonds — Frankel was admittedly broke — she used the chance and capitalized as “the first reality star to leverage the show as a platform to create a brand.” That brand was Skinnygirl.

Skinny Girl, Fat Profits

The Skinnygirl brand was started with a book, Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself From an eternity of Dieting, into which she “poured her core.” Frankel realized in early stages that if she remained completely open and honest with her audience about absolutely everything, they might follow her purely from the trust that was built. This enabled her to leverage that trust when it came time to market something — initially, that product was Skinnygirl Margaritas.

Frankel says that her particular strategy is “to stay highly flexible to help you move in as soon as and make changes quickly.” This plan worked on her behalf as she inked a cope with Beam Global, which she’s partnered with to market Skinnygirl cocktails for a fairly large a few of money — reported at or more than $100,000,000.

Do you wish to know very well what Frankel did that been absolutely genius? She retained the intellectual property for the name “Skinnygirl,” allowing her to keep to build the brand into other horizontals while retaining the marketing spend and support that Beam Global would put into the type of Skinnygirl cocktails.

“It is advisable to create the opportunity to be sure every partner is motivated to greatly help everybody else," she says. "If Skinnygirl popcorn does well, the other products can do well because consumers trust the brand.”

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As of this moment, Frankel’s Skinnygirl line includes from hummus, dips and salsas to nutrition bars, supplements and shapewear. Heck, she even just released a children’s book, Cookie Meets Peanut. Why, you might ask? Because like most of her other products, it resonates with her audience and brand.

This introduces a significant lesson for all businesses, and particularly newer ones. You absolutely must remain true to yourself also to your brand from the beginning, and in the event that you do this effectively, you may just find yourself in times where your audience — or customers — will observe

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