How to choose the right car insurance in 6 criteria?

1) The price of auto insurance

One of the main criteria to consider when choosing auto insurance is price. This generally varies depending on the level of coverage desired. The more the guarantees are extended, the higher the insurance premium will be.
To get a clear idea of the prices offered, the easiest solution is to request a quote online, by phone or at an agency.

2) The level of auto insurance coverage

When choosing your auto insurance, you can opt for several levels of coverage:
Third party insurance
Third party insurance corresponds to the basic compulsory civil liability insurance. Only damage caused accidentally to a third party is covered. Most often, insurers offer a minimum third-party offer to supplement this mandatory coverage with some guarantees deemed essential such as the driver’s warranty.
Intermediate insurance
This is basic insurance supplemented, among other things, by vehicle damage guarantees. Theft, broken windows, fire, natural disasters: depending on the insurers, many guarantees can be offered.
Comprehensive insurance
This is the most protective level of guarantees, including coverage for most material damage to the insured vehicle, including in the event of an accident without a third party responsible.

3) Exclusions from guarantees

When choosing your automobile insurance, it is imperative to be aware of the damages and situations not covered under accidents, breakdowns and accidental events insured under the contract.
The exclusion clauses must be precise and clearly written in the contracts. Use of the vehicle in the context of motor racing, vehicle loan: the exclusions can be of different kinds.

4) The auto insurance deductible After a claim

The insurance company may not take over all of the damage. The insured then retains an amount at his expense, called a deductible.
The amount may vary from one type of claim to another but also from one insurance company to another (except application of the legal deductible for natural disasters). The deductible is therefore one of the important criteria to take into account in choosing the right car insurance.
It should be noted that the pricing of a contract takes into account the amount of contractual deductibles. A high amount of deductibles may allow the insurer to claim a lower premium in return.

5) Additional insurance guarantees

Depending on the guarantees offered by the insurer, the subscriber of an auto insurance contract may, if necessary, add additional guarantees adapted to his needs to the chosen basic insurance offer.
Bodily coverage for the driver, protection of personal objects transported, 0 km breakdown assistance, mechanical breakdown, replacement vehicle … The chosen insurer must offer a certain flexibility in order to allow you to benefit from tailor-made insurance.

6) The discounts offered Insurance 

Organizations frequently offer discounts to their policyholders. They can be aimed at new subscribers and / or loyal customers. Each reduction is accessible under certain conditions.
Do not hesitate to find out if you can lower your insurance premium in the short or medium term.