How To Get Cheap Life Insurance

Don’t you hate when you buy something, and a few days later you see the same thing, for a much lower price?

What if I told you that there is a way to get cheap life insurance the first time around and avoid the feeling of buyer’s remorse.

What Does “Cheap” Life Insurance Mean

When I think of the words “cheap” life insurance I immediately get confused, why would someone want something to be “cheap” when it’s concerning protecting their family?

I immediately think of one of those retro neon sales signs.

So, then I ask myself:

When they say “Cheap,” do they mean the lowest price?


When they say “Cheap,” do they mean lower quality?

I have to make myself assume that it’s the former and not the latter of the two.

I think it’s best to think of shopping for life insurance the same as shopping for a birthday gift.

You want something affordable, useful, and that will bring significant value to the person who is having a birthday.

When it comes to life insurance, it’s best to remember that cheap and lowest price are very relative to the individual.

Prices are going to be based on Your specific age, health, tobacco usage, weight, and gender.

This means that every person is going to get a tailored answer for their rate based on the above criteria.

If you are still new to life insurance and need more of an introduction, I wrote this ultimate guide titled How Does Term Life Insurance Work.

Getting the best price will depend on several factors, and we list the most effective ways to get life insurance cheap, below.

1. Buy Your Life Insurance Online

Buying directly online is going to be one of the easiest ways to get the most competitive price, I even wrote a post that’s all about why you should buy term life insurance online.

The reason that getting life insurance online is the best way to get low cost life insurance is that these companies usually don’t have large offices and administrative fees.

Since its all done online, they also can speed up the process of buying insurance and avoid transferring the cost to the insured.

This allows for them to start off offering much lower rates.

2. Buy More Coverage In The Beginning

This might sound counterproductive, however, I can assure you it is probably one of the best-kept secrets that aren’t meant to be a secret.

Life insurance is priced out at a cost per thousand.

What happens is that the more coverage you purchase, the lower the cost per thousand, in some instances a $75,000 policy can cost you more than a $100,000 policy mainly because of the rates per thousand decrease at $100,000.

3. Lose Some Weight

This is always a great option because insurance companies use weight charts to help determine what your rates will become.

You can have the best health.

However, if you are few pounds overweight, an insurance company could take you from a preferred health rating to a standard rating simply because of your weight.

So, how can you lose a few pounds:

Find Out How Many Calories You Are Eating A Day:

This is an essential step because if you don’t know what you are putting into your body, all the actions you take to reverse it could be pointless.

If you go to the gym every day and burn 100 calories, but you eat an extra 200 calories, you are still going to be over by 100 calories, and the weight won’t go away no matter how much you work out.

4. Avoid Captive Agents

Avoiding captive agents will help you find the lowest cost life insurance based mainly on the fact that captive agents only have one product to offer

That’s the product of who they represent.

You will just get the quotes from their one company and be bound by their underwriting guidelines.

5. Go Shopping – Give No Personal Info

Shopping around is also how you find the best life insurance rates.

I have a post about how to get term life insurance quotes online without personal information.

When you are shopping for cheap term life insurance online, you want to know precisely the type of coverage, term length and amount of coverage you want so that all things are equal.